At Viewfield Pet Hotel we are very lucky to have large enclosed gardens which provide plenty of space for dogs to run around, play and explore.


All pets live as family here, and will enjoy having their own sofas!  Alex will be keeping them company and making them feel completely at home.


We are equipped with stables and enclosures to suit all types of pets, be it ducks, chickens, pigs, or horses!


Our feline friends are very cosy in their own private quarters. We have a secure and comfortable space for rodents and birds.


Snakes, fish and reptiles are more than welcome too!


Both day care and full residental care options are available, please contact us for more details!

Contact us:

Alexandra Macpherson
Viewfield Tavern
1 Ayr Road, Rigside,
Lanark, ML11 9NP

01555 880 960
07512 094 042

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